Xero Fire & Risk is an independent fire engineering consultancy.

Fire Safety Engineering

We specialise in providing robust Fire Engineered solutions
and adding value to building design, both new and existing


Today, most buildings are impossible to construct without a Fire Engineer being involved from the outset. However, all too often Fire Engineering is seen as an add on or perceived unnecessary to the design. This leads to oversights, delays and unnecessary design issues. In our experience a Fire Engineer is vital to ensure building design is not compromised in any way and the fire engineering design being a real opportunity to allow the following building benefits.

Coordinated engineering and architectural documentation

A clear understanding of how the building should respond in fire mode

Flexibility and design freedom from the Building Code

A measured and documented level of fire safety for building occupants and firefighters

Value engineered construction costs, tailor made to the building design

Engage Xero Fire & Risk to take responsibility for developing the fire safety strategy,
which outlines how the building should operate.

This strategy must be in place at the start of the project
to ensure critical inputs necessary for the design team to follow.

Fire Engineering Design

Xero Fire & Risk is an independent fire engineering consultancy. We specialise in providing robust fire engineered solutions and adding value to building design both new and existing. This is achieved by applying strategic alternative solutions and value engineering design grounded in fire science. We work closely with the building surveyor and client to develop innovative solutions that fit the architectural design.We have extensive experience and understanding in all aspects of fire, life safety and property protection. Our approach is to apply holistic development of alternative fire engineering solutions to fully integrate all aspects of the design, construction and management of a building. This results in safe, efficient and cost effective design solutions to reduce development risks. Our expertise can be applied through all stages of the design from concept, schematic, design development, tender and the construction cycle.

Means of escape analysis

Fire rating/protection analysis

Addressing non-compliances through the fire engineering process

Advice on firefighting access and provisions

Code consulting

Site inspections

Peer review, audit and due diligence assessments

Evacuation diagrams

Tactical/Block plans

Management and evacuation plans

Evacuation and smoke modelling

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