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Xero Fire & Risk

A family owned independent Fire Engineering Consultancy based in Western Australia

Xero Fire is a dedicated team led by Rene Hutter who has over 18 years experience in the fire industry.  Rene is a Chartered Professional Fire Engineer, an Executive Member (Conference Committee Chair) of the National Committee for the Society of Fire Safety Australia and is also a Level 2 Bushfire Planning & Design Accredited Practitioner (BPAD) under the Fire Protection Association Australia Accreditation Scheme

Rene is one of the most renowned and experienced Fire Engineers in the business and is supported by his wife Vicki, who brings to the business over 20 years’ experience in business and project management, finance and sales in the property and construction industry.

They are joined by a dedicated team of qualified Fire Engineers and bushfire consultants that provide in house expertise. With a driven and dynamic team, our objective is to go the extra mile in delivering to their clients.

As a team, Xero Fire pride ourselves on our professionalism and wealth of technical experience along with our delivery of robust fire engineered solutions and adding value to building designs, both new and existing,

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